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What our learners say

“I lacked confidence when I started but it is getting better throughout all the support I am receiving at NOVA”

Jade Smith

“Memory has helped me so much. Thank you”

Charlotte Hawkins

“My confidence has got better since I have been at NOVA. I have learnt a lot in lessons, e.g I learnt how to laminate which I didn't know how to do before. I would like to say a huge thank you to Memory”

Justina Russel

“I think all the staff at NOVA are the best. They all make time for the learners and are very pleasant. The lessons are great and the staff help you with your work whenever they can. In my opinion, the staff at Goscote are the best in the world”

Liam Maritza

“I have done exams which I didn’t think I would and this is all down to Memory and Mick. They made me believe in myself”

Jordan Birkett

“Memory is a great tutor, she caters to everyone’s needs. She is an inspiration to NOVA”

Amy Davies

“I have managed to complete my NOCN which is the first ever qualification I have ever completed in my life and this has given me so much confidence which has now led to a work placement”

Jordan Dale

“I think the structure and lessons are good which have led me into a placement which I really enjoy, when I first started at Nova I was very shy and didn’t say boo to a goose, nova has built my confidence and self-esteem and can communicate better with everyone”

Jamie Perrit

“I left school with no qualifications and now I have Level 1 in maths and English which will help me get a good job”

Conna Price

 “Nova has helped me with my Maths and English and I fell more confident to go out into work, I have met lots of new people and this has helped me interact with people better” 

Jack Yoemans

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