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SWAPs is a Sector work-based academy programme designed to help people into jobs and start a new career in care.

Our care training programme provides the introductory skills and knowledge needed to take up opportunities waiting to be filled by caring and motivated people.

All SWAPs candidates who complete their training are guaranteed an interview which could lead to jobs to suit every aspiration and circumstance with flexible and permanent opportunities.


During your 3 weeks programme you will work towards a care certificate.

  • Immediate Start
  • No Experience Required
  • Free Training


You will continue to receive benefits whilst taking part in a SWAP, and if you need to travel to the employer’s place of work or to where the training is held, you may be able to receive help covering the cost of public transport or appropriate childcare.

The programme is designed to help improve job prospects and help employers fill jobs, as each SWAP is linked to one or more genuine job vacancies.

While you’re not guaranteed to get a job from completing a SWAP, it does help you to improve your chances of gaining employment in that sector.


FREE DBS Check (previously known as CRB)

This training programme requires an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) which we will pay in full.

Entry Requirements

If you are claiming Universal Credit, JSA or ESA, live in England or Scotland, and are looking for work, then a SWAP could be a great way to find a new job.

If you are interested in taking part in a SWAP, you will need to talk to your work coach, who will discuss with you the kind of opportunities available in your local area and if a SWAP is right for you.


All candidates are supported with both group and individual career consultations with the SWAPs team so that we learn their circumstances and aspirations and understand how we can best support candidates to achieve their goals.

Future Opportunities

Guaranteed job interview and interview training; providing participants with valuable interview experience and allows the business to select the most appropriate candidate for future employment opportunities.

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