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Welcome to our Virtual Introduction

The perfect way to experience Nova Training from the comfort of your own home if visiting one of our centres is not possible. Here, you’ll learn more about our Apprenticeships, 16 to 18 provisions, locations and much more..

Introduction To Nova Training

Headstart programmes are generally made up of three core elements that include; 

  • Vocational skills
  • Qualifications
  • Work Experience Placements
  • Functional Skills (Maths, English and ICT)


Nova offers an extensive portfolio of qualifications from level 2 to level 5, available to both new apprentices and an existing workforce. 86% of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation, while 78% said apprenticeships improved productivity. If you'd like to find out more about taking on an apprentice then please email us today info@novatraining.co.uk.

High Needs

At Nova Training we aim to provide training and education for all who can benefit from it, including those with Education, Health & Care Plans. Nova Training believes that all people are of equal value and seeks to promote positive attitudes towards diversity and eliminate discrimination. An EHCP replaces Statements of special educational needs (SSEN) and Learning Difficulties Assessments for children and young people with special educational needs.

If you have an EHC Plan or disability and you would like to know more about what we offer at Nova Training, please email us at highneeds@novatraining.co.uk

Katie's Apprenticeship Journey At LWC Drinks

Katie is exactly what you want from an apprentice. She is someone who embraces the program that she is on. I know from her employer that she tries really hard in the workplace to excel at her job role and is proactive in learning new skills to push herself forward. During our apprenticeship time, Katie is always engaged. She wants to take part, she wants to learn something new, she makes notes, and she questions how she can be better.
Her submitted work is always well-researched and nicely written with good content. Katie does have a vulnerable side, as she lacks confidence - or at least she did do - and it's rewarding to see her grow and develop in this area. Using her apprenticeship to gain knowledge and skills and to develop her work-life behaviours, Katie is using the apprenticeship with enthusiasm to build the foundation for where her career will eventually take her.
Steven Cox - Apprenticeship Coach

Megan's Apprenticeship Journey At Howdens

Meet Megan, our Level 2 Customer Service apprentice from Howdens in Nottingham Central. Megan is an outstanding example of what an apprentice should be. She pushes herself to ensure she meets the demands of Howdens, and the demands of her apprenticeship.

This commitment to her work has been noticed by her employers and as such, she has been promoted within the company. She gets on well with all the staff within the store - and always goes out of her way to help everyone. Megan always has a great attitude, she approaches every situation with a 'can do attitude - even topics that she might not be a fan of. Megan has been a pleasure to work with - and by starting her apprenticeship in Customer Service - now has a variety of different options in front of her. I am proud of how she has improved and I look forward to her getting a distinction on her apprenticeship. Amanda Reynolds - Apprenticeship Coach

Scott’s Apprenticeship Journey At Wacker Neuson

Meet Scott Arnott our Level 2 Supply Chain Warehouse Operative from Wacker Neuson in Stafford.

With the amazing support provided by Wacker Neuson, Scott has flourished into an apprentice with trust in his abilities. He is a popular member of the warehouse team and aims on gaining a permanent position once his apprenticeship ends.

Stella’s Apprenticeship Journey At Wacker Neuson

Meet Stella Jackson our Level 3 Business Administration apprentice from Wacker Neuson in Stafford.
Being part of Stella’s apprenticeship journey has been a total privilege. She has evolved into her role exuding confidence and total professionalism.

Megan’s Apprenticeship Journey At AMA Waste Management

Meet Megan our Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner apprentice from AMA Waste Management in Kings Lynn.

Megan started her Customer Service Practitioner, Level 2 in August 2022, she had no previous Customer Service experience, her role is within the Customer Service team where she has learnt the company systems and procedures, and is now speaking with Customers on the phone daily.

Her confidence has grown massively and she is doing really well.

She is tackling her Customer Service coursework with enthusiasm and consistently delivers written work of a “good standard “, she is progressing well with regular support from her coach and her colleagues within the CS team and the company, some of whom have completed the programme ahead of her, and is confidently working toward her EPA.

We are all so very proud of you Megan, keep up the fantastic work!

Carolyn Parsons - Apprenticeship Coach

Mason’s Apprenticeship Journey At East Bilney Coachworks

Meet Mason our Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner apprentice from East Bilney Coachworks in Dereham. Mason started his Customer Service apprenticeship in July 2022, and has a keen interest in all things Cars!

He has got off to a flying start and tackles all his coursework with interest and enthusiasm. He has spent a great deal of time job shadowing the Estimator within the team and is confidently and knowledgeably dealing with customers' enquiries and discussing their repairs. He works on the front line of Reception, which has given him valuable experience on his programme and helps with writing his case studies. An ambitious young man who will no doubt go far. He is well supported by the Manager and Team at Dereham who are always on hand to assist him if needed. Keep up the amazing work!

Carolyn Parsons - Apprenticeship Coach

Lynn’s Apprenticeship Journey At North Norfolk District Council

Meet Lynn our Level 3 Business Administration apprentice from North Norfolk District Council in Cromer.
Lynn joined North Norfolk District Council in Oct 2022, Lynn is a member of the Benefits team at North Norfolk District Council, this is a very busy post and Lynn has been on a steep learning curve to ensure her knowledge is gained and she can help and advise customers. Lynn feels her previous employment experience has helped her tremendously, as she is confident and can understand her customers’ needs to ensure she is doing the best for them.

Lynn is progressing very well through her Business Administration Level 3 programme and records all her learning & development meticulously. She is enjoying her new role and is especially good at supporting others in the team. Her standard of work is very good and she is confidently heading towards EPA.
Carolyn Parsons - Apprenticeship Coach

Willow’s Apprenticeship Journey At North Norfolk District Council

Meet Willow our Level 3 Business Administration apprentice from North Norfolk District Council in Cromer.

Willow joined North Norfolk District Council in May 2022. Willow is part of a small team within the Planning dept of the Council, it is a busy role and she has built her knowledge and skills since joining. Willow enjoys the variety of what she does and enjoys the challenge. She is progressing well with her BA L3 programme and has planned her improvement project for EPA.

Carolyn Parsons - Apprenticeship Coach

Connor’s Apprenticeship Journey At Fenns

Meet Connor Milsom our Level 3 Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician apprentice from Fenns of Lynn in Kings Lynn.

Connor is coming up towards his end-point assessment now. Initially, he had a steady start but has increased his progress by focusing on preparing for his endpoint and completing the work set. He is keen to progress in the light vehicle industry and has an interest in the future of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Connor has a supportive employer, and colleagues at Fenns Of Lynn actively encourage him to learn the skills needed in his role.

Algy - Apprenticeship Coach

Jen’s Apprenticeship Journey At Gibb Group

Meet Jen our Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice from Gibb Group in Great Yarmouth.
Jen is part of a busy sales team in the Gibb Group, and she is enjoying the role and the challenges it brings with learning so much about the business within the company. Jen is doing very well in her Business Administration programme, bringing her experience and enthusiasm to the role to help her complete the coursework and improve her knowledge.
Jen's communication is a big part of her role and she is building her customer base, as she moves towards EPA.
We are all so very proud of you!
Carolyn Parsons - Apprenticeship Coach

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