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Are you an individual who is proud to showcase your work?

Does your mind see how a product looks renovated when others would see it as beyond repair?

Are you in the motor vehicle industry and would like to explore a new career path?

Then Vehicle Damage Panel Technician Level 3 is for you.

As an Apprentice, you shall learn strategies and methods that specialise in the accident repair area of the motor vehicle industry. You shall learn methods and strategies to safely and efficiently remove, repair and replace a varied number of vehicle’s body parts, panels and components of the vehicle. You shall learn how to use a variety of specialist tools, equipment and devices in a modern workshop.

Learn - Earn - Grow
Learn a brand new skill that comes with a UK-recognised qualification.
You are officially an employee of the company so you will also be earning a wage while you learn.
You will not only be learning skills towards a new qualification but growing as an individual by boosting your professional profile within a working environment.

There are no course costs to you personally.
Develop your Maths and English up to level 2 with homework and tutor support to prepare for the final exam (If you have not already achieved this prior to starting the Apprenticeship).

As an apprentice, you will be given 20% of your paid working hours as off-the-job training time. For example, for a 30-hour working week, you could be given 6 hours to complete off-the-job training within the workplace.

Off-the-job training activities may include; online course work, job shadowing other staff, new tasks you are being trained on within the workplace which form part of your role, and internal/external courses in-line with the standard.

You will attend regular coaching sessions with a qualified and industry-experienced Apprenticeship Coach who will conduct remote sessions lasting approximately 1 hour. (During this time, you will be set work to undertake as part of your off-the-job training). At quarterly intervals, you will receive a face-to-face visit to discuss progress and learning with practical activities being reviewed where necessary.

Entry Requirements

Although there are no formal recommendantions identified in this Apprenticeship Standard for recognition of prior learning; it may be possible for Apprentices who have previous experience and/or knowledge gained in the accident repair sector, to start this Apprenticecship Standard at a more advanced point than the beginning. If this is the case it is highly recommended that the employer and training organisation carry out comprehensive training needs analysis to identify the Apprentice’s needs and choose an appropriate starting point.


The knowledge test will take the form of an online test. The test will include questions from each of the knowledge test topics and include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Vehicle Body Types
  • Removal and Replacement of Body Panels
  • Body Panel Repair Tools and Equipment
  • Key Process for Vehicle Panel Repair
  • Chassis and Body Alignment

The knowledge test that each Apprentice has to undertake, will comprise a 90-minute multiple-choice test on the topics above.
Three-day practical observations of the Apprentice in a controlled environment, which is reflective of their normal workplace and meets the requirements set out in the approved assessment plan.
The skills test will include five practical skills tasks combining ten activities, which are specified by the IMI and set up in advance.
The Professional Discussion will be assessed 1:1 face-to-face with the Independent End Point Assessor

Future Opportunities

On completion, apprentices may be eligible to progress on to other courses

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