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Are you a proven successful supervisor?

Have you constantly motivated the team to achieve and excel at their goals time and time again?

Are you confident enough to not only lead to success but to develop the path to success?

An Operations Manager level 5 Apprenticeship could be the next development for you.

As an apprentice in Operations Manager level 5, you will be learning strategies to progress and develop for success for not only your team, the entire department! You shall gain the knowledge and skills that will allow you to manage teams or projects. You shall learn to deliver operational and departmental strategies and goals while being confident to deliver the process to your colleagues and peers.

You shall be creating and delivering the operational plans, managing change, annual finances, and resource management.


Learn - Earn - Grow
Learn a brand new skill that comes with a UK-recognised qualification.
You are officially an employee of the company so you will also be earning a wage while you learn.
You will not only be learning skills towards a new qualification but growing as an individual by boosting your professional profile within a working environment.

There are no course costs to you personally.
Develop your Maths and English up to level 2 with homework and tutor support to prepare for the final exam (If you have not already achieved this prior to starting the Apprenticeship).

As an apprentice, you will be given 20% of your paid working hours as off-the-job training time. For example, for a 30-hour working week, you could be given 6 hours to complete off-the-job training within the workplace.

Off-the-job training activities may include; online course work, job shadowing other staff, new tasks you are being trained on within the workplace which forms part of your role, and internal/external courses in-line with the standard.

You will attend regular coaching sessions with a qualified and industry-experienced Apprenticeship Coach who will conduct remote sessions lasting approximately 1 hour. (During this time, you will be set work to undertake as part of your off-the-job training). At quarterly intervals, you will receive a face-to-face visit to discuss progress and learning with practical activities being reviewed where necessary.

Entry Requirements

Must be in a management role, with operational/project responsibilities; Operations Manager, Regional Manager, Divisional Manager, or Department Manager.

Must gain the minimum of a level 1 result from initial assessments in English, maths and ICT.


End Point Assessment - with an independent assessor

*Portfolio-based discussion

* Project proposal, presentation and questioning

Please note that the End Point Assessment may be conducted remotely and you will be fully supported and prepared to undertake these assessment activities.

Future Opportunities

On completion apprentices may be eligible to progress on to a higher Apprenticeship; Level 6 Award in Management, Level 7 Qualifications in Leadership and Management, Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, or a Management-related degree.

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