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The focus is around developing your skills and undertaking accredited qualifications in English, Maths, ICT and Employability. Our exceptionally skilled and dedicated team of Tutors and Teaching Assistants work with you as an individual to identify the support strategies required to meet your specific needs and develop strategies to work through any barriers to learning identified.

Nova Training offers dedicated opportunities to study in a small group environment and 1:1 support is available based on the evidence we receive; we aim to support you to develop a range of strategies to become more and more independent, in your day-to-day learning.
At Nova Training we focus on the individual in all we do, we will work with you, at your level & pace, in your time and all of our efforts are focused on enabling you to become more independent and offer you the opportunity to identify the opportunities to create a better future for yourself.

We will begin the journey together and set out how you will get there; whether it is a Supported Internship, Supported Apprenticeship or an Apprenticeship, we can support you to work towards these goals.   

At Nova Training we are aware at times, things can become too much or you may feel overwhelmed and unsure who to go to? Our dedicated team has years of experience of working with individuals with a range of specific learning differences and support needs. We strive to support you to become independent as you prepare for adulthood and life beyond education. We understand the challenges you face every day and we are here to support you in whichever way you feel you need. We will promise to sit down with you every month to review your progress, set targets towards your individual aims and offer you a period of time on a 1:1 basis, where you can discuss how you feel you are doing.

Nova Training also understands Parents & Carers also have an interest; we offer a high standard of pastoral support daily and are fully aware of the network of support around each individual student we work with, and encourage Parents & Carers to be involved in our monthly meetings, you will be invited to the annual review (where required) and our centres are open before and after groups, so please, do not hesitate to come and speak to us if you have any questions.
Nova Training offers you the opportunity to undertake a variety of activities that are designed to help you build the skills you will need for independence and life after education. These are delivered by our dedicated team of experts and are assessed using the non-accredited assessment model of RARPA which includes Travel Training, Employability Skills, Community Projects, Work Experience, Money Management, Preparing for Independent Living and much more.


Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. However, you will need to be in receipt of an Education, Health Care Plan.
We are able to offer you support in a range of ways, all we ask is for you to be open and honest in regards to how we can best support you. If you had support in your exams, tell us – we can arrange for that to be available again.
All we ask is that you are willing to communicate with us, let us support you and together we will take the first steps on your journey to your future.
Our Focus is your ability not dis-ability. We are more interested in where you are going rather than where you have been!


Throughout your time at Nova Training, there will be occasions where we need to undertake assessments. Here are some examples of when we may need to complete assessments:

Day One; we will need to complete initial assessments and diagnostics in English and Maths to see your starting point. This will place you within a level and this is what you will be working towards during your time with Nova Training.

Functional Skills; as part of the course English and Maths are minimum expectations. We can review any support you may require within exams, and this will be in place before you sit an assessment. English is made up of 3 assessments that will test your Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening skills.

Employability; this is slightly different. This is a qualification and is based on a portfolio of evidence, meeting set criteria issued by an awarding body (City & Guilds). Your Tutor and Teaching Assistant will set tasks in a variety of ways to encourage you to produce evidence to meet the criteria – however, how the evidence is produced can vary from Written Statements, Q&A, Recorded Discussions and Photographs.

Future Opportunities

There are various ways in which you can move into at the end of your time at Nova Training. We have the Supported Internship programme which is between 6 -12months in duration and you spend this time mainly with an employer, gaining vital employability skills with the view to employment at the end of your internship. Another route is Support Apprenticeship, similar to a Supported Internship but this could be up to 3 years in duration and you would receive a weekly wage for this route. In both routes, we can apply for a Job Coach or additional support via Access 2 Work, which is provided to take away any area of uncertainty. A Job Coach is someone who will work alongside you and your employer and assist you to carry out all tasks correctly, building on your independence, reducing support throughout.

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