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Are you a team player and are you able to make decisions on the fly?
Do you want to turn your passion into a career?
If you have the passion, we can give you the tools and skills!

Esports industry in the UK is projected to more than double between 2020 and 2027. Esports is big business, with a massive amount of continued growth since its release into the education sector back in 2020. 

But what is Esports you say?

Esports is the term used to describe competitive video gaming. It is different from your standard video gaming as it is competitive and allows spectators to engage. Players can play individually or as a team. Esports is open to all, regardless of gender, physical ability or experience. 

If you're an avid gamer or strategist, why not study Esports with Nova Training and you can turn your passion into a career. Explore this new sector in depth, whether you want to progress to university or get straight into a career.

Are you a team player and are you able to make decisions on the fly?

Start your career in Esports now!

You are able to undertake BTEC level 2 in Esports with Nova Training.

Esports is about developing transferable skills for business enterprise purposes which will make you STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! The skills that are developed, are as follows:

  • promotes leadership skills and teamwork 
  • boosts social and communication skills 
  • develops problem-solving, decision-making and multitasking abilities 
  • improves cyber, digital and other transferable skills 
  • develops friendships and communities 
  • improves reaction times, dexterity and concentration 
  • increases perceptual and cognitive skills 
  • improves resilience through winning and losing 
  • It also promotes character development in the same way that traditional team-based activities do.

Start your career in Esports now!

Location: Wolverhampton

Entry Requirements

Must be aged 16 to 18 and you don't need any previous experience in the industry already.


  • You will attend your local Nova Training Centre each week for training and support towards qualifications.
  • You may also have a weekly work experience placement in a vocational setting of interest
  • You will have monthly reviews with a Nova Training staff member to monitor your progress and achievements.
  • Bespoke CEIAG to support you to make the right decisions with regard to your future career goals.

Future Opportunities

Progression through to Level 3 and The BA Hons in University plus the work experience that is gained whilst on programme as an alternative to a job role if desired.

WEX - could include events management, digital marketing, data analytics etc.

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