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Parental Consent

You will have been directed to this webpage as a Nova Training student has given your contact details as next of kin (If this is incorrect can you please email parentalconsent@novatraining.co.uk with your name and number so this can be looked into)

1. I hereby give my consent for participation in off-site activities including work placements that may be undertaken as part of his/her/ their training programme with NOVA Training. 

2. I give consent that he/ she/ they will allow their personal belongings to be searched on entering our premises and/ or a vehicle for transport to and from off-site activities.

3. I give consent that he/ she/ they may be photographed, recorded and/or filmed during the programme and that these images may be used for promotional material, learning evidence and associated activities as appropriate.

4. I also agree that medical treatment can be administered including, if necessary, the administration of a general anaesthetic and surgical operations in accordance with the recommendation of a qualified practitioner. 

If you do not wish to give consent for one or more of the areas above, please can you email parentalconsent@novatraining.co.uk  and include the student's name, DOB and which number/s you do not give consent for.

You can also share any further information, health information etc. with us via this email should you so wish.

We will ensure that this is documented in the learner file for future reference, and will be treated with the strictest confidence as per Data Protection regulations.

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