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Nova Training British Values Statement

18th April 2016
Nova Training British Values Statement

‘Nova Training aims to help learners to achieve more than they thought possible, this means ensuring that they leave Nova  Training fully equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills to help them to be successful citizens within modern Britain.’  Nova Training takes every opportunity to promote British values.


  • Learners take part in learner voice/learner conference which represents the views of the learner body.
  • Learners have the opportunity to become the representative for Learner voice
  • Learners consider the role of democracy within lessons and why and how people’s views can be represented.
  • Learners, consider significant developments in British democracy such as the Magna Carta and the Suffragettes.
  • Within English lessons learners consider, through modern conflicts, what extremism is and steps that are taken to prevent this.

The rule and role of law:

  • Within lessons learners learn how laws are made and the different groups that can influence them, such as political parties and also the role of pressure groups.
  • Nova Training has good links with the local police force who regularly run sessions with learners about the laws and the implication for them.
  • Within lessons, learners consider the importance of laws and how they protect us, such as laws about drugs and staying safe.

Mutual respect:

  • Our behaviour policies and procedures promotes restorative justice and gives learners the opportunity to develop a sense of right and wrong to apply in their lives.
  • Learners’ learning is celebrated by all learners with ongoing presentations of certificates, Nova games and displays around the centres of their work.
  • Learners consider issues of good and evil within the wider issue for example the Holocaust.
  • Learners will consider what makes up identity and what ‘Britishness’ means and consider the role of citizenship in Britain.

Acceptance and tolerance of those of different faiths:

  • Within lessons learners encounter a range of different faith based practices and through ethical issues, consider how these lead to different beliefs.
  • Learners look at examples of reconciliation between different groups within Northern Ireland and how different beliefs may be embodied within Islam through sessions on ‘Prejudice and Discrimination’ and ‘Religion.
  • Learners will look at how community cohesion can be achieved and will develop an awareness of the different views within modern Britain.Lessons enable learners to discuss within their groups, current news items linked to different faith ideas.

Individual freedoms and protection from discrimination:

  • Lessons work around and present ethical themes as well as promoting a range of careers to raise aspirations. The ‘Prejudice’ and ‘Justice’ lesson helps learners to reflect upon the negative impact and consider famous approaches taken to tackle discrimination. Within lessons learners consider a range of ethical and faith based approaches to help them to form their views around current issues.
  • Nova Training standards and expectations are rooted in the idea that everyone should achieve more than they thought possible, this is promoted not just within academic standards but within development of self-belief.
  • Nova Training enables learners to develop an awareness of how a community functions and each learner is treated as an individual celebrating individual achievements.


British Values