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Tuesday July 14th is Black Country Day.

14th July 2015
Tuesday July 14th is Black Country Day.

 To celebrate the diversity and strength of business in the Black Country, The Black Country LEP are launching a social media campaign from @blackcountrylep in support of the day and of local Black Country businesses.

The Black Country LEP is encouraging you as a local business to tweet about your products, workplace or staff members.

On Tuesday 14th July, they would like you to:

  • Take a photograph of your product, workplace or staff.
  • Post the picture to Twitter to celebrate Black Country Day.
  • Include the hashtag #MadeInTheBlackCountry along with any others which might apply

On its own, a single tweet holds little power, but a range of tweets from companies celebrating the Black Country and their roots will be noticeable, generating interest in the participating accounts and the wider message.

For further details on the campaign, please email Katherine Birch or Joanne Booker or visit http://www.blackcountrylep.co.uk.