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A Traineeship is a fantastic work-based learning programme that helps 16-18 year olds become work-ready, whilst gaining a qualification.

What is a Traineeship?
A Traineeship is a fantastic work-based learning programme that helps 16-18 year olds become work-ready, whilst gaining a qualification. With your child having spent most of their time in school or college, our Traineeships give them a helping hand progressing from education to the workplace.
A traineeship is a skills development programme that includes a work placement. It can last from 6 weeks up to 1 year

Traineeships help 16 to 24-year olds - or 25-year olds with an education, health and care (EHC) plan - get ready for an apprenticeship or job if they don’t have the appropriate skills or experience.
A traineeship is an excellent way to prepare young people for an apprenticeship or for entry into employment. At a time when young people face even more challenge and competition in the labour market from older and more experienced workers, a traineeship can be the step up that they need to launch their career and enter the world of work.

Each learner’s traineeship programme is individualised based on their prior attainment and vocational area of interest. A programme of study will be tailored to meet the learners need.
What qualifications are on offer with a Nova Training Traineeship?

We know it can be difficult for your child to decide what they want to do after school, and it’s okay if they aren’t sure which career path they want to go down. Our programme enables them to try different routes, with support from our Traineeship Coaches, before settling on the right one for them.

At Nova Training our Traineeships are made up with 3 core elements:

  • a high-quality work placement to give the learner meaningful work experience and to develop workplace skills (should be a minimum of 100 hours) (Minimum of 70 hours during COVID-19). With a job interview or feedback from an employer
  • a focused period of induction and work preparation training, covering areas like CV writing, interview preparation, job search and inter-personal skills. Your child will complete units to achieve a City and Guilds L2 Award in Employability Skills.
  • English and maths (and ICT skills,) as these are seen as crucial employability skills


What is involved day-to-day?

The traineeship at Nova Training has 3 models; 7-weeks, 14-weeks and 21-weeks, an assessment of learners’ knowledge, skills and behaviours will determine the duration that is best suited to the individual learner.

Your child will have a dedicated tutor to help them progress through their qualification, as well as working on their employability and essential literacy and numeracy skills. Delivery of the Traineeship will be via a blended approach of face to face and remote sessions using Microsoft Teams.

They will also be provided with an exciting work placement; how many days per week your child will be on placement varies by programme duration and employer.

Will my child get paid?
A traineeship is a training programme and isn’t a job. Employers are not required to pay your child for the work placement, but they can support with expenses such as transport and meals.
If eligible, you can maintain your entitlement to benefits whilst your child is on a traineeship as necessary.

Your child may get:

  • expenses for transport and meals from the employer
  • financial support for travel, childcare or a disability from your training provider
  • support from the local Jobcentre Plus if you are eligible for work benefits


Financial Support and Bursary

Child Benefit
Nova Training Study Programme and Traineeships meet the requirements for approved education and as a result your Child Benefit will continue. Follow this link for more information https://www.gov.uk/child-benefit

Working Tax Credits
If your child continues in approved education, you may also be eligible for Working Tax Credits.  https://www.gov.uk/working-tax-credit

Depending on personal circumstances and household income your child could be entitled to a bursary to help with education-related costs and free school meals.

  • To check entitlement for your son or daughter, please complete and return the bursary application form given to them by Nova staff.
  • Travel costs can also be covered but sufficient evidence is required (bus tickets etc.)
  • All Bursary payments are subject to attendance and behaviour.
  • Any bursary payments MUST go to a bank account in the learners own name and cannot be paid to a parent, other relative or friend.

Further information on this can be found at https://www.gov.uk/1619-bursary-fund or speak to a Nova representative.


Keeping your child safe

Here at Nova Training we are committed to keeping your child safe and promoting their wellbeing.


We do this by ensuring that all staff are subject to satisfactory enhanced criminal checks with the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) and complete safeguarding training to an appropriate level. It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that your child is safe and feels safe in their learning environment.


Our Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead is Phil Lythgoe who is supported by several Deputy Safeguarding Leads including Lois Nott and Nigel Mellor for Apprentices.


The Safeguarding Team at Nova Training can be contacted at Safeguardingteam@novatraining.co.uk


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