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Young Parents To Be programme (YP2B)


Young Parents To Be programme (YP2B)

Course description
Nova Training has recently secured a Young Parents To Be programme (YP2B). This is an interesting and informative programme for both Moms and Dads aged 16 to 18.

The programme covers lots of different areas of parenting. You can learn about antenatal care, child development, feeding, nappy changing, baby hygiene, diets, healthy eating, language development, childhood illnesses, educating your baby, budgeting and managing money.
The programme also covers the support available for new parents in your local area and incorporates a City and Guilds ICT Functional skill, as well as an Edexcel Parents to be and Parenting qualification.
Entry requirements
We have many centres across the Black Country, to gain access to this course all you need to do is phone the centre of your choice and a member of staff will book you in for an interview.  It does not matter if you have had your baby, the course is also available to Mum's and Dad's that have had their baby.

You will be reviewed on a monthly basis by our dedicated Learning Mentor. Furthermore you will be assessed on an ongoing basis as you complete work towards your qualifications by our highly skilled teaching staff.

Financial information
This course is local government funded and is free to access for 16 to 18 year olds.

Future opportunities
This course can lead to an apprenticeship, job or further learning.


Education, Health & Care Plan
At Nova training we aim to provide training and education for all who can benefit from it, including those with Education, Health & Care Plan. Nova Training believes that all people are of equal value and seeks to promote positive attitudes towards diversity and to eliminate discrimination.


An EHCP replaces Statements of special educational needs (SSEN) and Learning Difficulties Assessments for children and young people with special educational needs.


If you have an EHC Plan or disability and you would like to know more about what we offer at Nova Training, please email us at highneeds@novatraining.co.uk





This activity is part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). ESF supports activities to extend employment opportunities and develop a skilled workforce.


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