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Level 2 Traineeship



A Traineeship is a great opportunity to build work experience and improve knowledge, skills and behaviours within a work placement. It is a Government scheme which enables candidates to develop skills, knowledge and behaviours in order to gain an Apprenticeship, further training or paid employment.

Learner Benefits

  • You will receive a high-quality work placement of at least 70 hours* (Covid-19) and 1 day a week dedicated to completing learning activities.
  • You will receive a guaranteed Apprenticeship interview on successful completion of the Traineeship.
  • Traineeships are free and will prepare you for work plus you will develop areas such as CV writing and interview skills through completion of an accredited Level 2 Employability Skills qualification.
  • You will receive support to improve your maths, English and digital skills if you need it.
  • You will also receive vocational learning to help prepare you to move on to an Apprenticeship or into paid employment.

Entry Requirements

  • Traineeships for 16-18* year olds
  • (Up to 25 years old with an EHCP)
  • Unemployed
  • Little to no work experience

Length of Programme

The Traineeship programme lasts for 7 – 21 weeks depending on your individual needs and will help you to secure paid employment or an Apprenticeship.
Minimum of 3 days work placement plus 1 day of facilitated learning.

Delivery Model

You will attend regular coaching sessions with an Apprenticeship Coach, which will be either face-to-face in the workplace or conducted remotely through Microsoft teams which last approximately 1 hour. (During this time, you will be set work to undertake as part of your off the job training).

Required Materials

A laptop / PC / Smart Phone / Tablet
Access to the internet
Access to Microsoft Teams

Career Progression Opportunities

Upon completion of the Traineeship you can progress onto an Apprenticeship further training or paid employment.

A Traineeship is not a job. Employers are not required to pay you for the work placement. A Traineeship will not affect your entitlement to any benefits.

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