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ECHP - High Needs Local Offer

At Nova training we aim to provide training and education for all who can benefit from it, including those with an Education, Health & Care Plan. Nova Training believes that all people are of equal value and seeks to promote positive attitudes towards diversity and to eliminate discrimination.


Our high needs programme is available for anyone aged 16-24 and the course runs in conjunction with our Study Programme. The focus is around developing skills and undertaking qualifications in English, Maths, ICT and Employability.


Our exceptionally skilled and dedicated team of Tutors and Additional Learning Support staff work with every individual to identify the support strategies required to meet a range of specific barriers to learning, in order to identify the best possible route to succeed.


We offer dedicated opportunities to study in a 1:1 or small group environment and support you as an individual at all times. Our dedicated team have years of experience of working with individuals with a range of support needs and we strive to support you to become independent and prepare for adulthood; achieving qualifications both accredited & non-accredited using our RARPA Model which includes Travel Training, Employability Skills, Community Projects, Work Experience, Money Management and much more.


We focus on the individual in all we do, we will work with you, at your level, at your pace, in your time and all of our efforts are focussed on enabling you to become more independent and see what your future holds for you. We will begin the journey together and set out how you will get there; Whether it is a Supported Internship, Supported Apprenticeship or an Apprenticeship in a range of industries, we can support you to achieve these aims.  


If you have an EHC Plan or disability and you would like to know more about what we offer at Nova Training, please email us at highneeds@novatraining.co.uk highneeds@novatraining.co.uk or apply online: 





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